Mission statement

Accessible Academics is a not-for-profit agency that advocates for inclusion and supports people with disabilities to become independent.

Vision Statement

We will:
·     Provide services accessible to all locally
·     Leverage technology to reach service deserts around the nation

Core Values

Inclusivity, Accessibility, Integrity, Advocacy, & Giving our Students Agency

Dedicated to Helping Students with Disabilities

When the transition program Anne Showers worked for left Buffalo, she had a choice: relocate or create. Thankfully, she chose the latter. Accessible Academics was initially created to ensure her caseload of students did not have to drop their education or go home, so that they could graduate with an education that would serve them for life. Fast forward and Accessible Academic’s mission has evolved into something far greater.

Anne recognized that there were limited post-secondary transition programs in Western New York available at no or low cost to students with disabilities. Often, students were expected to rely only on the reasonable accommodations provided on the college campus, when they required greater support in high school. Most Medicaid-funded programs divide support amongst different staff members, making it confusing for the very students they serve. Other transition programs limit students to only auditing classes, preventing them from gaining qualifications which could open so many doors in adult life, or were college-specific, restricting access to other institutions. Accessible Academics could serve a community of students who were being failed by the education system.

Accessible Academics addresses these issues by matching a coach to a student who will assist them in every area they require. Students can attend any post-secondary program in WNY, receive credit, and graduate with any degree or certificate! Oh, and for low-income students, the program is free.

Accessible Academics academic coaching and tutoring career counseling life skills coaching relationship building

Everyone Should Have Access to Higher Education

We believe that everyone should have access to academic success, regardless of their learning differences. We specifically define access as the removal of barriers that impede learning and independent living, by teaching organization, time management, healthy living, and academic skills. Coaching self-advocacy skills, including how to communicate effectively with professors and administrators, is at the heart of what we do, as it allows students to confidently overcome any learning barriers that may arise.

Whether a student is a typical learner, or has a disability, college or trade school can be a challenge – and we want to be there to help.

We know that a positive outlook is essential for growth and development. That is why our goal is for students to embrace a positive attitude about school. With our guidance and students’ personal effort, students will see the results they want.

Annual Report & Service Brochure

See our 2020 Annual Report and our Brochure.