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Financial AidBase Transition Coaching: First 4 hours of service per week, provided as 1:1 coaching.

This is coaching specific to supporting success in school, as well as transition from school to work. It includes academic coaching and advocacy, time management and organization support, and brainstorming solutions to problems and assignments. It can also include other skills support needed in the areas of life skills, social skills, vocational skills, etc. IF student does not require 4 hours per week of sole academic support, the remaining time may be used in any of the ways below (with the exception of tutoring):

Base Transition Coaching support can be funded by:

  • Self-Directed Budget: For students eligible for services through the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, via the Transition Line under IDGS; $800/month
  • Private Pay: $50/hour

Additional 1:1 Coaching

Any additional hours needed. This is coaching is additional time that can be spent working on the above mentioned skills, and can (currently) be funded by:

  • Private Pay: Up to 4 hours total of 1:1 coaching per week at $50/hr

Content Specific Tutoring

Tutoring that is content and subject specific. Tutors may be already hired staff by Accessible Academics or may be hired specifically to work with the student. Tutoring hours INCLUDE the amount of preparation time the Tutor takes to prepare for a tutoring session (i.e., refreshing themselves on a topic, locating and printing worksheets, readings, resources or activities to teach the student).

Tutoring can be funded by:

  • ACCES-VR: Counselors at ACCES-VR will determine the amount of time the student is allowed to receive tutoring per week. Up to 7 hours per week can be allocated.
  • Private Pay: For those students that do not have ACCES-VR eligibility, tutoring will be privately billed at $35/hour.

Group Meals

Group meals are held in a hosting student's apartment. Students will join together to prepare, cook and serve a meal for the group of registered students who are in attendance. The purpose of group meals is to build independent healthy meal preparation skills in addition to shopping on a budget, following directions, proper meal and social etiquette, and socializing with others during mealtime. The cost for ingredients for the meal is included.

Group Meals can be funded by:

  • Self-Directed Budget: Can come out of base transition hours if this is a major need area, up to 2 hours/week
  • Private Pay: $70/week

Resource Room

This is a time when students can work independently on projects, papers, budgeting, making shopping lists, creating/updating a resume, or any other task that they choose with support from Accessible Academics’ staff. It is held on weekday evenings at the Solar Cafe at Collegiate Village and is available to all students in the program, including those who do not reside at Collegiate Village.

Resource Room can be funded by:

  • Self-Directed Budget: One session per week, out of base transition hours
  • Private Pay: $80/week

Social Outings

Once per month, Accessible Academics will organize a group recreational outing for students interested in participating. Please note these activities will be catered to the participants attending and will be planned in accordance with student’s physical, mental and emotional abilities to participate. The cost of the admittance fee for attractions is included in the amount billed for this service up to $30. Example trips include going to the mall, museums, parks, zoo, etc.

Social Outings can be funded by:

  • Self-Directed Budget: One session per month, out of base transition hours
  • Private Pay: $80/month

On-Call Services

On-call services refer to calls made to the coaches between 8pm and 8am and on days the coach is not scheduled to work. It also refers to direct calls made to the Transition Coordinator after 5pm and before 9am, or on holidays or weekends. The purpose of these calls can range from needing last minute support in academics, life skills, social skills, vocational skills, emergencies & incidents. On-Call Services DO NOT include conversations had during these times via TEXT message or only for the purpose of scheduling a meeting.

On call services can be funded by:

  • Self-Directed Budget: Accessible Academics is currently exploring the “paid neighbor” option in the self-directed budget as a way to have this support covered for these students. Update forthcoming.
  • Private Pay: On-Call services will be privately billed at the cost of $30/hr (billed in 15 minute increments) if via phone and billed at a rate of $50/hr in person.


Workshops are available to any students who are seeking to gain some additional skills. Workshops offered are subject to student need and enrollment each semester. All workshops run 60 to 75 minutes unless otherwise specified. Workshops require a minimum of 4 registrants to be held as scheduled.

  • UCLA PEERS Curriculum for Social Skills for Young Adults - 16 weeks
  • Academic Seminars - 6 weeks
  • Vocational Series I (Employment Insight & Preparation) - 8 weeks
  • Vocational Series II (Employment Searching & Securing) - 8 weeks

Workshops can be funded by:

  • Self-Directed Budget: Listing Workshops under Community Classes in Self Directed Budget with Accessible Academics as provider
  • Private Pay: $30 fee-per-session

Peer to Peer Mentoring

All students who enroll in Accessible Academics’ programming will receive the support of being matched to a peer mentor. This peer mentor is to support students when coaches are not available and in social situations. Peer Mentors are matched on a case by case basis (with student agreement) and are volunteers or interns. Most often, peer mentors are other students either at the student’s school or at the same residential campus as the student. Peer mentors will accompany students to events on campus or at Collegiate Village. Peer Mentors are funded by: Accessible Academics - FREE to students enrolled in programming offered by Accessible Academics.

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