Academic Coaching (ACCES-VR Adjunct Services)

Our Academic Coaches support students in learning organizational and time management skills, along with study, note-taking, test-taking and other relevant strategies aligned with their goals. Academic Coaches provide the individual coaching necessary to allow the student to successfully participate in a college or post-secondary training program, support a work experience for students prior to graduation, obtain or maintain an internship through placement assistance and/or short-term coaching, and provide other interventions based on their goals.

Academic Coaching: $60/hour

ACCES-VR Eligible Students

Accessible Academics is a vendor through ACCES-VR for college academic coaching in Erie County. If you have an ACCES-VR counselor in this county, you can ask them to refer you to our agency. If you do not have a counselor or are unsure about the process, give us a call at 716-492-8656 and we will assist you.

Transition program

The transition from childhood and youth to adult living and career can be difficult. Students are more successful if they learn the skills and strategies needed to overcome challenges. Students are matched with a Coach who will guide and empower them to build resilience, critical thinking skills, and learn how they learn best so that the student can reach their goals.

Accessible Academics will accept the allowable reimbursement for students who qualify for a Self-Directed Budget through OPWDD and we will assist you with this process.

We also have financial assistance for students eligible for OPWDD Self-Directed Services but who are not yet connected to services.

The cost of the program is $9600 annually.

Our Transition Program includes the following services:

  • Coaching: One on one coaching specific to supporting success in school, career, and independent living. Students receive up to 3 hours per week of coaching depending on their needs.

  • Case Management: Accessible Academics team members will attend Life Plan meetings and assist in planning, developing, and implementing services not related to one to one coaching. We will also connect students to community resources and employment opportunities aligned with the student’s goals.

  • Community Workshops: Students have access to the full offering of our community workshops. Students can receive tutoring through our community Learning Lab. More information is available in our Classes page.

  • Mentoring: All students who enroll in Accessible Academics’ Transition Program have the option to be matched to a career mentor. 

  • GROW Buffalo Membership & Events: All of our Transition Program students are eligible for a free membership to GROW Buffalo through Accessible Academics. This is a business networking membership organization that connects Accessible Academics students to the local business community.