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Online Courses & WebinarsAccessible Academics is excited to present our new online courses and webinar series, open to anyone to participate! These classes combine weekly face-to-face interactions with your instructor and classmates via Zoom, as well as assignments and resources to keep you engaged throughout the course. Class sizes are small, with up to 10 participants, so that you will receive enough individual attention from your instructor. Should you miss a remote live session, the webinar is recorded and you will have access to view it.

These courses are community classes and may be reimbursable if you are eligible through OPWDD. Speak to your Care Coordinator to find out.

Koru Mindfulness

Two courses: Koru Basic and Koru 2.0

Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, or difficult situations in your life? Cultivate a meditation and mindfulness practice with a community of learners. Koru Mindfulness program is now being held remotely by Zoom. Both Koru Basic and Koru 2.0 are four-week classes with live interactive sessions. Note that Koru sessions are not recorded for future viewing. Visit our Koru Mindfulness page to learn more about our upcoming classes and register!

Class Dates: Multiple classes are available
Length: 4 sessions, 75-minute sessions
Cost: $40

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Job Seeker Strategies

Job Seeker Strategies is a roadmap to realizing a career of your choice. This curriculum introduces you to career exploration and self-discovery of what you would like to do, understanding career choices and learning the skills to introduce yourself to employers. It also teaches you how and who to enlist as your natural supports, otherwise known as references or network, to launch your career. From understanding and figuring out your career goals to matching it with what is in the labor market to writing a resume, calling an employer and seeking the assistance of your circle of support this webinar provides knowledge and skills for your customized career path. Live interactive webinar classes are 30-45 minutes per week. The webinars will be recorded for viewing after if you miss the session.

Class Dates: Monday-Thursday June 1st through June 11th
Time: 11:00 AM
Length: 8 sessions, 30-45 minute sessions
Cost: $80

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Skills to Pay the Bills

Skills to Pay the Bills provides learning and mastery of soft skills for workplace success. The essential elements are communication, enthusiasm & attitude, teamwork, networking, problem solving & critical thinking along with professionalism. These 6 key concepts and skills are portable for all aspects of life. This curriculum was developed by the US Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) in partnership with individuals, organizations and agencies, but most importantly with youth input. Skills to Pay the Bills was strategically designed for youth and young adults to successfully prepare to transition to adult life. The webinars will be recorded for viewing after if you miss the session.

Class Dates: June 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 29th, and 30th
Time: 11:00 AM
Length: 6 sessions, 30-45 minute sessions
Cost: $60

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Empowering Your Best Self

In this four-part Webinar workshop we will explore the social roots of limiting self-perceptions in order to find your unique abilities to contribute to the world and shape our own happiness. Empowering Your Best Self builds on the recognition of your inherent worth by giving you tools to advocate for yourself, work towards your goals as an individual, and engage in community, creating networks of mutual support and strength to overcome stereotypes and limitations.

Class Dates: May 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th
Time: 11:00 AM
Length: 4 online class sessions
Cost: $40

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Free Classes

We have several Free Classes for cooking, yoga, meditation and more. Visit our EventBrite schedule for all details and to register

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