Academic services are available to any high school or college student in need of academic coaching or tutoring.  These services are usually fee for service, on a sliding scale based on income, or may be covered for students eligible for ACCES-VR.

Academic Coaching (ACCES-VR Adjunct Services)

Our Academic Coaches are certified through the National Tutoring Association. Our coaches support students in learning organizational and time management skills, along with study, note-taking, test-taking and other relevant strategies aligned with their goals. Academic Coaches provide the individual coaching necessary to allow the student to successfully participate in a college or post-secondary training program, support a work experience for students prior to graduation, obtain or maintain an internship through placement assistance and/or short-term coaching, and provide other interventions as identified in the Individual Plan of Employment. 

Academic Coaching: $60/hour


Tutors are certified through the National Tutoring Association and focus on content-specific learning. Tutors are selected based on the subject needed by the student.  Tutoring can occur both remotely or on campus.

Tutoring: $35/hour