Accessible Academics is excited to present our new online courses and webinar series, open to anyone to participate! These classes combine weekly face-to-face interactions with your instructor and classmates via Zoom, as well as assignments and resources to keep you engaged throughout the course. Class sizes are small, with up to 10 participants, so that you will receive enough individual attention from your instructor. Should you miss a remote live session, the webinar is recorded and you will have access to view it.

These courses are community classes and may be reimbursable if you are eligible through OPWDD. Speak to your Care Coordinator to find out.

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Koru Basic & Koru 2.0

Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, or difficult situations in your life? Cultivate a meditation and mindfulness practice with a community of learners. Koru Mindfulness program is now being held remotely by Zoom. Both Koru Basic and Koru 2.0 are four-week classes with live interactive sessions. Note that Koru sessions are not recorded for future viewing. Visit our Koru Mindfulness page to learn more about our upcoming classes and register!


Class Dates: New Dates Coming Summer 2022!

Length: 4 sessions, 75-minute sessions

Cost: $80


NO CLASS THURSDAY APRIL 28! Class resumes as normal May 3rd.

This workshop is an ongoing meetup for aspiring animators or hobbyists, led by Cote Zellers. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started from scratch or you have a project in progress that you are looking for feedback, this is an opportunity to grow in your animation skills. These workshops are drop-in, so you do not need to attend any consecutively.

About our animator: Cote Zellers is a director and writer and Animator, known for KaBlam!’s Prometheus and Bob (1996), I Spy (2003) and many Short films and commercials. He is a life long specialist in visual storytelling.

Class Dates: Mondays 4-5 PM & Thursdays 5-6 PM

Cost: $20


Start a new project or build on a current one! This workshop is open to any creative outlet, from drawing to creative writing. The workshop will begin with a short introduction, an opportunity to share what you’re working on, along with a short discussion on an art topic. The rest of the time is set aside to work. At the end will be an opportunity for sharing and feedback if you choose to do so.

Class Dates: Tuesdays 4-5:30PM

Cost: $20


The Learning Lab is designed for you to set aside time to complete your college assignments or high school equivalency work with a tutor available if you need extra assistance. 5-5:20pm will include a short session on different learning or study strategies. The rest of the time is to work on your assignments. Tutors are available if you need extra help via individual breakout rooms. Our tutors are National Tutoring Association certified and are able to assist with writing assignments from any subject, social sciences and other general education classes, music, art, math and calculus, business, accounting, and economics.

Class Dates: Wednesdays & Thursdays 5-8PM

Cost: $20


Career Exploration: pick a future before one picks you. Using US Department of Labor Career Profile, you will figure out how to do you. Find a career path for you to explore and make a plan to achieve a career goal. Using ODEP Skills to Pay the Bills – learn employment soft skills. Explore the community through trial work, informational interviewing, and volunteering. Learn more about job searching, landing the job, and keeping the job – all portable strategies as you work on your short, mid, and long-term employment goals.

Class Dates & Topic:

Class Dates, every other Tuesday at 6pm.

May: 3rd, 17th, 31st June: 14th

Cost: $10


Living on your own comes with a new set of challenges to overcome. How do you organize and manage your new space? Care for your personal welfare? Self-advocate and self-regulate with roommates? Deal with your neighbors, landlords, utilities, and social services? This workshop is designed to give you a set of skills and tips to help you get started in your new, independent, life!

Class Dates & Topics:

April: 18th (5pm), 26th (6pm)

May: Tuesday 10th & 24th at 6pm

Cost: $10