Academic services are available to any high school or college student in need of academic coaching or tutoring.  These services are usually fee for service, on a sliding scale based on income, or may be covered for students eligible for ACCES-VR.

Academic Coaching

Our Academic Coaches are certified through the National Tutoring Association.  Academic Coaches help students learn how they learn best, and focus on note-taking, study, test taking, time management, and organizational skills.  Academic Coaches can also assist students with navigating the college campus and helping students learn how to communicate with college administrators and faculty.  Academic Coaches can meet with students remotely or on campus.

Academic Coaching: $50/hour


Tutors are certified through the National Tutoring Association and focus on content-specific learning. Tutors are selected based on the subject needed by the student.  Tutoring can occur both remotely or on campus.

Tutoring: $35/hour