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Competition for a Cause Benefiting Accessible Academics Harry Potter Wizards Unite Pokemon Go Team Tournament Ingress Prime Faction Face Off

Do you play Pokémon GO, Ingress Prime, or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? From December 1st to December 31st 2020, play your favorite game(s) to prove once and for all which team is the best! Participation is free – donations are optional, but 100% goes to supporting Accessible Academics programming.

Please see below for the rules of the competition.

Not a player, but you still want to be involved? You can donate to show support to your favorite team or house. Just scroll down the page to see the button to the fundraiser of your choice. You can also simply donate to Accessible Academics, by visiting our Donate Page.

About Accessible Academics

Accessible Academics is a 501c3 nonprofit agency that provides services to young adults with disabilities. We help them achieve their career goals by supporting their higher education and career training and helping them live independently in the community. Many of our students, board members, and CEO love Niantic games and play them regularly. We chose this event to engage our community in our cause and have our students enjoy participating as well. Our mission is about increasing inclusion of people with disabilities in our community – what better way than if we are all playing together!

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Overall Competition Rules

The winning team will be based on the best out of five criteria, based on progress and donations completed between December 1st through December 31st. You can enter the competition under multiple games (i.e. as an Ingress Prime player and Pokémon GO player). For your in-game progress to count, you will need to register your player. If you play multiple games, you will need to register your individual player for each game by completing the form separately for each game. There is no deadline to register, but only progress completed between when you register and your final submission will be counted.

You can participate entirely for free, though donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible. Anyone can donate – they do not have to be a player to support your team! There will be prizes for donors and participants, thanks to our sponsors Niantic Labs and Puzzling Pixel Games.

This competition is meant to be played while maintaining social distancing. Please abide by the game rules (no playing while driving, trespassing, etc.). When you register your player, you are agreeing to providing us with your In Game Name and player details for the purpose of verifying your progress. You may also provide us with your email address to receive updates, which we do not share with anyone.

Prizes Levels*

Any donation level below $50: Random drawings for a  chance to win a Niantic sticker that can go on a vehicle.

Every Donation level of $50+: Game poster, Niantic sticker, Accessible Academics pen with stylus to make your gaming more successful, personalized thank you.

Donations of $75+: All the above prizes plus a Niantic bag, and a Concluzio Puzzling game from Puzzling Pixels (first 10 donations)

First 10 Donations of $150+: Zombie Sheep, Alf Seegert’s Musee, 8 BITBOX sponsored by Casual Dragon Games, or Seven Bridges from Puzzling Pixels, plus all of the above prizes (except Concluzio).

Winning Team on each game: 10 Random selection of donors from below the $50 donation level to receive Niantic merchandise prizes.

If we reach $10,000 in donations: Grand Prize of $100 in Google Play or Apple money to someone on the winning team of each game. That’s 14,500 Pokécoins or 12,000 Gold Coins in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

There will also be special prize drawings for social media engagement each week for 100 Pokécoins/80 Gold Coins.

*To learn more about available prizes – see our sponsor section below! In the event of overwhelming response, we reserve the right to change the prizes or stop offering prizes if we run out of giveaways.

Getting Started

First things first – you need to register your player. Then you need to participate in the competition to help your favorite team win!  If you are playing multiple games, you’ll need to register each In Game Player.  Below we describe what it will take for your team to win.

Pokémon GO Team Tournament: Which Trainer Team is the GOAT?

Pokemon GO Team Tournament


The winning team will be based on the best out of five criteria:

      • Amount of Donations Raised per team
      • # Donors per Team
      • # Kilometers Walked
      • # Pokémon Caught
      • Pokéstops visited

Donate to the Pokémon GO Fundraiser to support your team. Be sure to Select your team on the Team Leaderboard.

Don’t forget to Register Your Player.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite House Cup: Which House is the ultimate champion?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite House Cup


The winning House will be based on the best out of five criteria:

      • Amount of Donations Raised
      • # Donors per Team
      • # Kilometers Walked
      • # Foundables Returned
      • # Wizarding Challenges Won

Donate to the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite House Cup to support your House. Be sure to Select your team on the Team Leaderboard.

Don’t forget to Register Your Player.

Ingress Prime Faction Face-Off: Which Faction should take control?

Ingress Prime Faction Face Off


The winning Faction will be based on the best of five criteria:

            • Amount of Donations Raised
            • # Donors per Team
            • # Kilometers Walked
            • # Portals Captured
            • # Enemy Links Destroyed


      Donate to the Ingress Prime Faction Face-Off to support your Faction. Be sure to Select your team on the Team Leaderboard.

      Don’t forget to Register Your Player.

      Accessible Academics wants to extend a big thank you to our sponsors for providing great gifts to give away to our competition participants! Click the links below to learn more about our sponsors and the prizes they have donated.

      Niantic Labs

    • We are a Niantic Labs sponsored Social Impact Event! Below are some pictures of the prizes we are giving away.

  • Puzzling Pixels Games

    Check out Concluzio and Seven Bridges

  • Concluzio by Robert Kerr; Can you correctly conclude your secret card? Put your deduction skills to the test in the family friendly card game, Concluzio! Race against your opponents and be the first player to correctly guess your secret clue card. Use logic and reasoning to correctly figure out the shape, number, and color of your secret card. Tension and panic will set in as players acquire more cards, signaling that someone is close to concluding their secret card! Will you take a risk and guess early? Or will you acquire more cards to make your guess more certain? If you guess correctly, you win! If you guess incorrectly, you're out! Components 54 cards and rule sheet. 2-4 players 15-20 minutes 8+ years of age

    Puzzling Pixels Games

Casual Dragon Games

Donation of Zombie Sheep, Alf Seegert’s Musee, and 8 BITBOX

8BITBOX the first generation board game console 3 games included, Alf Seegert's Musee collect and curate classic art; Zombie Sheep! 2-4 players Ages 13+

Casual Dragon Games